About Us

Mission Statement

The Mentholatum Company of Canada, Ltd., is dedicated to providing effective solutions for your health and wellness. We are manufacturers and marketers of non-prescription pharmaceuticals, health care and cosmeceutical products. We pride ourselves in providing high quality innovative products that will delight our consumers and exceed their expectations.

Our Corporate Philosophy

  • We work wholeheartedly to support society, to help create a better world.
  • For this purpose we are resolved to learn constantly without pretension, to strive toward continuous improvement, and to fulfill our lives meaningfully.
  • We place the highest importance in earning the trust and respect of our associates and our external customers.
  • We take pride in setting this supreme goal and we work vigorously to achieve this with relentless passion.
  • We delight in constantly challenging each other to create waves of happy surprises for our customers worldwide.
  • Our people are our greatest asset. Our hard-working culture, spirit of close cooperation, determination, passion and leadership provide the fuel that drives the company.
  • We firmly pledge to serve the people, the society and the environment, and are thankful for our meaningful existence.

Mentholatum recognizes the importance of good corporate social responsibility. The company regularly provides funds, products, and in-kind donations to organizations that help make a difference in the communities in which we live and work. Our direct contributions reinforce our commitment to healthcare, and social welfare. We also support the arts and education, reflecting the involvement and interests of our employees.

Many organizations dedicated to enriching the lives of others have received contributions from Mentholatum.

  • The Arthritis Society
  • The Canadian Cancer Society
  • The Canadian Chiropractic Association
  • Community Care
  • Generation Youth Specialized Foster Care Services
  • Hospice Niagara
  • Gillian’s Place
  • Local food banks and shelters
  • United Way

Mentholatum Day Of Caring
Since 2008, The Mentholatum Company of Canada, Ltd., has hosted an annual Day of Caring where all associates take a day to volunteer in the community for a not-for-profit organization. Our associates look forward to making a positive impact in neighborhood’s across the region. Our past efforts have included, cleaning up community centers, yard maintenance at long and short term health care facilities and working at fundraising events.


As industry leaders who truly understand the everyday needs of our consumers, we strive to bring continuous improvements to our products and to meet the highest standards. Our global research and development team of health scientists constantly investigate new ingredients and formulations to enhance the way our products work to keep people healthy, and discover new and better options to make our products more effective, affordable, and easy to use.

For inquiries concerning collaborative research opportunities outside of our current product line, please click here http://www.rmrl.com/